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Remy Milosky Contemporary Art

Remy Milosky


Born: 1989, Lihue, HI.




   Art is the one true freedom we have in this world. Whatever you want can be made however you want. You don't have to listen to anybody. That is the main reason I chose not to go to Art School. I did not want them to take away my one freedom and tell me "you have to draw like this", or "you have to paint this way". All throughout my life I have wanted to do things differently which people seem to have a hard time handling. Even the way I create art, most of the time there is not a plan I just pick up whatever utensil/medium and start going as if another entity is controlling me. Really that other entity is my soul. I feel things very intensely, I've found art is the best way for me to purge those feelings.  Sometimes I will have visions of beautiful paintings, which I will try to recreate but often become frustrated due to them not exactly portraying my vision. The paintings I create with more of a plan always seemed to be the ones the public like the most, due to them being easier to recognize.

    Growing up and doing little shows at cafes and various other places. It was always a struggle of mine whether to paint for positive feedback or paint only for my soul. An artist has to make money some how right? No one understood how art is more than something you hang on your wall. But as I grow and begin to gain more confidence, I have stopped caring what others think. No matter how dark or "wierd" my work can be, I don't care anymore because its my freedom. From viewing other artists in museums, ive always felt a connection and that connection is the honesty in there work. I've never been very comfortable or good at expressing myself with words so I must not stray away from my true self expression.

    I continue to experiment and study art constantly, continue to live my life and let this crazy world effect me as it does. Truthfully I am still not satisfied with my work because I no it can be greater, I know it can be deeper. Art is not easy. Yes it is freeing and healing, but I feel I am a person with a message for the world, I want to help change the world for the better and open peoples minds. Open there minds to being free and to listen to there hearts. I want my work to ignite in them feelings that they have suppressed.

     As of now I have vanished from society and live in Central America, which has been a really good choice for me because it has separated me from the distractions and doubts of others, so I can truly emerge into my work. I have this strong feeling that some day I will make it and have a "name" in the Contemporary Art world, but we shall see...